Wednesday, March 13

'Putting YOUR home together!' Wednesday

Welcome to our FIRST "Putting YOUR home together!"

This week we want you to know that simple projects for each season can add so much to your present decor.

  Here we picked up some easter grass, plastic eggs and these super cute painted metal buckets from the dollar tree. Cost - $5 tops!!!

You can add some unique personalization to them by handwriting, stamping or in this case, stenciling letters or numbers on each bucket. Think of spelling out a last name (if it's shorter of course), first initial of your children or just you and your spouse, ages of each family member, etc.


This is a great addition to any mantel, wall shelf or countertop for the holiday season.  Think about thrifty and versatile too...use these buckets for other purposes later in the year.  How about pencil holder?  Place on a dresser top for a 'catch all'.  Turn them around and write something else on the other side.  Stick them on your front steps with flowers in them.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 
Do you have an idea?  Please share in the comments below.  Much appreciated!


Friday, January 11

The one I let go...

Having my own business of refurbishing has gotten me into a position where I WANT TO KEEP EVERYTHING...of course, because I love it all. It's so gratifying when we (MUST give due credit to hubby) take something that looked like garbage and turn it into something people actually COMPETE for. This piece is NO exception! I am still kicking myself for letting it go but, alas, this is a business and I need to let LOTS of lovely things go.
This door mirror was clearly vintage and came from a home that was being remodeled right here in our town. I couldn't believe the mirror wasn't broken. Hubby suggested we make a 'door table' like we have in the past but I knew it was best to be left as a 'floor length mirror'. I had always wanted one for my bedroom and STILL DO. lol The mirror was taped off, hardware removed to be buffed and was painted in a home mixture of partial paints to pull off a soft 'robin egg' blue. Distressed and then clear coated it showcased the PERFECT patina! This baby didn't sit 3 hours in my shop last Saturday. I miss it...really bad. At the same time, there is this thrill of turning something junky into something so sought after. After all...I have had several calls/inquiries to see if I still had it or anything like it this week. THAT makes me smile. :)

Saturday, January 5

It's a NEW YEAR.

We are looking forward to another GREAT year. We have been blessed with meeting so many people and making many, many friends. Our business continues to prosper and we couldn't be more thrilled. As we start the new year off, we are feverishly filling the shop with fun unique pieces. If you aren't already following us on must! We upload new arrivals almost daily.

Saturday, December 8

Holiday is coming...

I know I say this every.single.year. but, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I'm sure there are still many that are prepping their home for the worries, I still have a mantel to get ready. If you don't follow on facebook then you missed my video showing how to reuse items for your holiday decor. Our small town is holding a "BEST Holiday window" contest and I am hoping for as many votes as possible. I have the ballots in shop and they just need taken right around the corner from me to be turned it. My theme is 'A Recycled Christmas....YOU can do it too!'. Stop by if you are local and take a peek for yourself. My hubby and myself are proud of the recycling that we do and how in turn, we make awesome furniture and decor!
Watch this simple video of what we repurposed for our window display...

Thursday, November 15

Girls Night Out!

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful smaller town where we can network together and hold events through out the year. Tonight is our "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" event that we have 3 to 4 times a year. If you haven't been to one, you MUST put it on you list of 'to dos'. :) Saturday, November 17th is our FIRST holiday open house. The shop will be sporting it's holiday glam and awaiting those holiday shoppers! Here is a sneak peek of a few things recently brought in...come in to see MORE! :)