Tuesday, September 27

Our FALL mantel

The shop is gearing up for the season. You will find several 'fallish' items and our paint colors are going 'deeper' in color on our furniture. It's fun to layer old and new items to gain a personalized look for your home. Stop in and see what we have available! :)

Sunday, September 25

It's looking bare...

I couldn't be more thankful. I continue to adjust my priorities with my new shop and home...and replentishing my shop....and keeping up with household tasks. I HAD to take a nap today so I can focus. I am getting there but I feel like my shop is naked. lol

This creamy round side table is the newest piece. It's a record, it's been in shop for three days. lol

We offer our customers ORIGINAL and local artwork! If you are looking for a specific color scheme or image let us know!

have a creative day...

Sunday, September 18

Faster than I can post...

As I've stated before, things are going to come and go...Many of these items are already gone as I put these in on Saturday at open and by close of day our fantastic customers picked the shop over. We can't stress enough that we are constantly restocking, changing things up in shop so most days things will look totally diferent with each visit. :)

Thursday, September 15

Things are going GREAT!

We continue to have customers daily with many, many compliments. We are VERY thankful for the positive things coming our way. We have fun "new" finds coming into the shop this weekend from an estate sale...stop in often to browse or just come in to visit us and sit awhile.

Sunday, September 11


It's official...our doors opened for business Saturday and everything went above and beyond my expectations! I sold so many pieces that it's looking pretty bare in shop now. No, I'm not complaining ONE BIT! I just have major work to do. I have always continued to work on items as I often filled my booth space before but this new store is bigger and mine....and I can do LOTS more. It's such an adjustment. lol

Here are some pics BEFORE all the shelves and stands moved out QUICK. lol

Thursday, September 8

store front update...

Things are progressing and just in time! Our GRAND OPENING is this Saturday, September 10th from 9am-6pm. Here are a few peeks of what will be available. Now, I gotta get back to finishing some things up. :) Would love to see you Saturday!