Thursday, March 15

Is it SPRING yet???

It's getting there. The sunshine outside the shop is bringing people in. Love visiting with our regulars and those people passing by with curiosity.
We can't stress enough our passion for doing what we are doing. We (my wonderfully talented hubby and I) love making something new again. PERFECT example of a latest piece...
You wouldn't have known this piece was left for the landfill. My husband is a woodworker and was able to give this dresser new life.
One of the drawers had so much "repair" that it was not worth saving. There were a few busted up spots here and there that my husband was able to remove/repair. But the biggest damage was the left front leg. Most would have never given this piece a second thought....but WE did.
Like all our other refurbs, this too will not be here long. Can't wait to see the smiling face of the new owner. :)

Friday, March 2

waiting on spring...

It's coming, I'm sure...just a little impatient. I can't wait for the Indiana weather to break and give me some sunny days and nice breezes for my furniture refurbishing to get into FULL SWING. Here are a few fun tables and stuff that we recently brought in. There are a few things left.