Tuesday, December 20

Wishing you a wonderful HOLIDAY...with a SALE.

This THURSDAY & FRIDAY (Dec. 22nd & 23rd) we will have HALF OFF most everything in our shop! Stop in and grab some great deals!

We didn't know a better way to THANK our customers for a great year! We look forward to continuing our friendships and building new ones in 2012. :)

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Saturday, December 10

check this out!

Just a quick post as I have plenty of holiday stuff to be doing today. I'm at the shop today enjoying the friendly visitors who stop in. Wanted to share a fun 'refurb' treatment I did quickly the other day.

This tray was once used for table service at some restraunt years ago. I found several so I am hoping to get more finished up very soon. I gave it a good cleaning and used Krylon brand chalkboard spray paint for the top. Giving it a couple coats insured it will hold up to that chalk abuse. :) The bottom was finished off in my fave, Oil Rubbed Bronze spray by Krylon too. Hubby was sweet and drilled me some holes for these metal handles I had on hand (another of my many salvaged hardware pieces). Here you have a festive serving tray!

Happy Holidays,


Friday, December 2

Unique Repurpose!

I wish I had taken a 'before' pic of the TWO pieces of shipping crates that wwere used for this creation. Just by stacking them (attaching with wood screws), adding sturdy castors and giving it a paint and distressed treatment we now have a VERY unique coffee table! I found an old advertising image online, I do not speak spanish but liked the wording so I used my overhead projector and strategically hand painted it on. Definetly one-of-a-kind.

*please excuse the off color, for some reason the brighter image refuses to darken to the 'true' color. It's rather an 'army green' color.


Monday, November 28

The holidays are uh comin'...

We have an array of seasonal decor to help your home shine for the holiday!

Stop in and check out these popular repurposed chalkboards made from unused large wooden cabinet doors.

Hubby is on vacation this week so we are focusing on piping out the furniture pieces and getting them into the shop. We will share pics soon. :)


Thursday, November 17

For the LOVE of Vintage Sheet Music!

Wanted to share with all my readers a simple tutorial on how to make this VERY FUN vintage sheet music tree!

Supplies Needed:
cardboard cone (handmade from recycled cardboard or premade papermache ones from craft store)
several sheets of sheet music (could also use newspaper or even gift wrap)
elmers glue
scissors/paper cutter
object to curl paper strips
about 30 minutes of your time

Start with a premade "cone" from your craft store or you can actually make one from thinner cardboard (I plan to do this soon, LOVE recycling!).

I used average sized sheet music out of an old "song book" and that size worked well for coverage and ease of applying the "branches"?!?!

You can either use a cutting tool or scissors as there is NO precise size of the "branches". *** I would suggest not making them too wide as it will cause problems near the narrow top in the end. I started out cutting a sheet at a time then QUICKLY realized I should be doing several pages at once to save on time. Speaking of time, this project only took about 30-40 min. (and that was including my photo time, lol).

Once you get your "branches" cut (I think I had roughly 20 pages), you will began to curl them with scissors or if you have one of those mail openers that would work too. Start with holding the scissors half way up and curl them...try to get a feel for not curling too tight and also leave some a little more loose. I'm all about things not being perfectly uniform so if you want to try for that look, go for it, it will mostlikely take more time tho. :)

Take your elmers glue and keeping it light, swirl a bit on the FLAT END of your "branch". **REMEMBER THE CURL NEEDS TO FACE AWAY FROM THE TREE.

Be sure to have the curl rest on the table so you have plenty of coverage. Go around the tree leaving a bit of a gap between each "branch"...you will see as you go how this helps with staggering your "branches" for a natural over all look.

After you've made your first "row" around, now it's time to start placing them over those gaps I just mentioned. At this point I kind of kept them about 1/2" higher than the first row but NOT TOO PERFECTLY SPACED.

The first couple rows seems to take the longest but then it's done before you realize!


Near the top, you will have to use your hand to press the "branches" around the narrow top so the glue can adhere better. This didn't take but a minute or so longer IF you don't use too much glue.

As you get to that top, you will find that your longer "branches" will not work so you will have to decide how much you should cut off.

Once you've covered the tree you will have that VERY TIP of the tree still exposed, or atleast not attractively finished off.

Here are TWO options to finish this project:

The first is simple with using a sheet of music and cutting a "triangle" from one end. Add some glue down one side and form a cone. Give a minute for your glue to take hold then you can cut to fit the top of your tree. Add glue and you are done!

The second is to use some type of string or ribbon to top it. I used jute to add a bit of rustic/urban feel to it. Drip some glue from the top of the tree and spread it around the top down about an inch. This is the messiest you will get as it's best to use your fingers and wrap the jute around the tip getting glue all over it. It wil bond much better this way and I didn't even have to use something to keep it in place while it dried.....that being said, I didn't use excessive amounts of glue either or it would probably have not stayed in place due to being too wet.

There, I hope that explained it well enough to make you want to try it. You don't even have to use sheet music, you can use gift wrap or even newspaper. Fun project to do with your family. :)



Wednesday, November 9

*Shopping Season*

The holiday season has LANDED upon us...nope, we can not avoid it. So let's embrace it. :) Join in on our local event Thursday evening in downtown Auburn, In.

We will be offering refreshments, discounts and give aways! Stop in and chat with us as we LOVE meeting new people and visiting with our loyal friends/customers. :)


Thursday, November 3


I guess that is what you would call this piece. We aquired some vintage wood house doors and from time to time we collect old table bases where the tops just couldn't be saved. This piece was destined to be together. What a fun and unique piece that has many purposes.

Stop in and see this piece and others that have recently came in.


Monday, October 24

After rain comes PROGRESS!

It lasted almost a week...the dreary...rainy...cold weather. If anyone reading this refurbishes furniture can relate that weather plays a big part in the time frame of getting things done. Drying time for paint and clear coating is ATLEAST doubled. At any rate, I don't want to dwell on that stuff but want to show a peak of a few things that were just brought into shop for this week...

These two tables were meant to be. We had aquired a couple table bases and have held onto them waiting for their matches. After pulling out some vintage wooden doors hubby suggested we use them for the tops. GREAT idea...yeah, he is learning so much from me. :D After a good clear coat of poly they are just waiting for their new home(s).

Stop in and visit us soon! Remember, if you have a special request go HERE at let us know so we can keep a list when we are out and about 'picking' for our shop. :)


Thursday, October 13


We plan to offer different forms of personalizing on our merchandise for OUR customers. From etching initials on glassware to stenciling a name across one of our shabby'd up desks! Would LOVE to have some input or suggestions as this is something we truly wish to expand on. Here are a couple pieces we just brought in and you might guess....they are *SOLD....already. Whew! :)

Here are a few vintage things added in shop today! The pewter colored train is a bank from 1974.