Sunday, November 21


progress in many ways went well and i am on my way to feeling more energy than i have in a long, long time.  still a bit tender but doing more every day.  the grand opening at the shop has come and gone.  i enjoyed hanging out there some during that time and helping where i could.  we managed to add in a display unit (hubby made it!) and now i can get my refurbished decor added in the space.  furniture still manages to come and go and requests are a plenty!  if you haven't had a chance to stop in, please do so and if you know when, let me know and i will try to be there.  i stop in often to help or just fluff my stuff. :)


Sunday, November 14

sunday noonish...sitting in my pjs.

nice title? lol  it's the first day in many that i haven't had a jillion things to do and on top of that i have been feeling ill.  no worries, i'm tough...most days.  i have gall bladder surgery this coming week so i am hoping...with fingers crossed...that i will be feeling much better by next weekend.  i must!  i have so many pieces of furniture and decor items that stare at me as i pass them buy in the garage, back room,, living  do you get my drift?!  i have furniture E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E! lol  no, seriously, it is starting to fade away as we get things refurbished and up in the shop.  i am very thankful with the positive responses we continue to get and look forward to finishing the next FUN piece.

i know i have mentioned tutorials and such but i still have that on hold as i get through this week but i wanted to show a fun set we just took to shop yesterday.

have a creative day! :)

3pc tables1 

this 70'ish three piece set was begging for a new finish since the stain/clear coat was almost non-existant when we bought it from an estate sale.  paired it with some "oops" berh grey/blue paint and smokey glaze, this set has taken on a new life and waiting for a new! :)

Sunday, November 7

finding the line between work and fun

how's that for a title???  i've enjoyed refurbishing things for quite some time now and ultimately i have an unreal amount of creative ideas whirling around in my head that NEED to come out! lol  since 'opening shop' i have battled with sick children, bronchitis myself and having multiple stones in my gall bladder hasn't helped much either.  i know, probably 'tmi' to most who read this but it's my blog and i will share stuff from time to time. lol

i am scheduled to have my gall bladder out on Nov. 12th and i am praying this will end all/fix all with my health issues and i can bust out some fabulous junk....i mean, treasure! :) 

just wanted to make a quick post with a few more pieces we got done and have already gone to new homes...hope to have time in the near future to post about some before and afters.  maybe even some tutorials for kicks! :)

Red farm table1 

Black entry catch all1 

Large cabinet1 copy 

have a wonderfully creative day,