Sunday, November 14

sunday noonish...sitting in my pjs.

nice title? lol  it's the first day in many that i haven't had a jillion things to do and on top of that i have been feeling ill.  no worries, i'm tough...most days.  i have gall bladder surgery this coming week so i am hoping...with fingers crossed...that i will be feeling much better by next weekend.  i must!  i have so many pieces of furniture and decor items that stare at me as i pass them buy in the garage, back room,, living  do you get my drift?!  i have furniture E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E! lol  no, seriously, it is starting to fade away as we get things refurbished and up in the shop.  i am very thankful with the positive responses we continue to get and look forward to finishing the next FUN piece.

i know i have mentioned tutorials and such but i still have that on hold as i get through this week but i wanted to show a fun set we just took to shop yesterday.

have a creative day! :)

3pc tables1 

this 70'ish three piece set was begging for a new finish since the stain/clear coat was almost non-existant when we bought it from an estate sale.  paired it with some "oops" berh grey/blue paint and smokey glaze, this set has taken on a new life and waiting for a new! :)

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