Monday, October 24

After rain comes PROGRESS!

It lasted almost a week...the dreary...rainy...cold weather. If anyone reading this refurbishes furniture can relate that weather plays a big part in the time frame of getting things done. Drying time for paint and clear coating is ATLEAST doubled. At any rate, I don't want to dwell on that stuff but want to show a peak of a few things that were just brought into shop for this week...

These two tables were meant to be. We had aquired a couple table bases and have held onto them waiting for their matches. After pulling out some vintage wooden doors hubby suggested we use them for the tops. GREAT idea...yeah, he is learning so much from me. :D After a good clear coat of poly they are just waiting for their new home(s).

Stop in and visit us soon! Remember, if you have a special request go HERE at let us know so we can keep a list when we are out and about 'picking' for our shop. :)


Thursday, October 13


We plan to offer different forms of personalizing on our merchandise for OUR customers. From etching initials on glassware to stenciling a name across one of our shabby'd up desks! Would LOVE to have some input or suggestions as this is something we truly wish to expand on. Here are a couple pieces we just brought in and you might guess....they are *SOLD....already. Whew! :)

Here are a few vintage things added in shop today! The pewter colored train is a bank from 1974.


Friday, October 7

latest add....

Just in...hubby so nicely delivered this beautiful buffet. what's NOT to love about a pop of color?! A must see!

I had some great company today and I must thank Cindy at Cottage Instincts for coming in to help me fluff the merchandise and add many fun touches of her own crafty-ness! :) Oh yes, she WILL be back soon.


What can YOU do with a tray????

Yes, they are functional....but to decorate with! We keep various colors and sizes of trays to meet most any needs or wants. :)


Wednesday, October 5

Look for....handmade designs...

Handmade designs will be coming to Like Yesterday. Along with refurbishing and salvaging things, I have a love for creating accent pieces for your home or even seasonal times. I will share very soon a sample of what I will have in shop soon...check back. :)

Tuesday, October 4

October...cruising right along...

Yes, I know it's ONLY the 4th. I also know that I have brought several furniture and decor pieces in the last two days and they flew right back out the door to their new homes. I love it but I need to stop getting my creative hopes up at displaying my items. lol

I couple cute tables didn't even get to 'smile for the camera' as they were bought before I could get my camera out. Oh well, I am SURE they are in a happy home now. I heard some ladies traveled a little distance to visit my shop. If they are reading this, I hope they come back so I can meet them some time. I LOVE meeting people that visit our shop.

Off to work on another refurbishing project...or two. :)

Have a CREATIVE day!