Sunday, October 31

getting my hands dirty

among several projects i have going, i started a sheet music stand.  see here for my first try at using sheet music.  this stand needed lots of tlc so i decided that the sheet music would work great for this...

Music stand 

my little guy grabbed my camera and insisted on taking a picture of me working. lol  i'm not a big fan of being in front of the camera but i guess it's time to show you that i DO get my hands dirty almost lol {bare with me, i've been sick for the last few weeks and i look it! ugh! lol}




ok, i have rubber gloves on, but i always manage to get holes in them and stuff gets to my fingers. lol  back to work for me....


have a creative day! :)

Friday, October 29

more inventory!

wow, i am definately starting to realize this business stuff is going to be 24/7 work!  oh, i'm NOT complaining just sharing my realization. haha  i did manage to get up to the shop and add a few pieces we've gotten finished (YES, i must stop right here and acknowledge my fabulous hubby, Josh, for helping me finish off certain pieces.  without his woodworking skills i couldn't refurbish certain broken down items! Thanks a million honey!).


this piece is my current FAVE!  it didn't have that awesome wood trim around the top and the legs had damage where they meet the wooden part of the box.  hubby fixed it right up and i did a black glaze finish over the red "oops" paint from HD.  it stands about 3ft. tall and would look GREAT in any room.  i found the hardware at Hobby Lobby. love.

Black chair1 

my painted random chairs usually are finished off with wording or an image on the seat part but this one, i felt, didn't call for that.  i could totally see this in an entry way or even a sun porch!


i scored these two tiered tables at an auction last week.  i actually got two of them.  i couldn't wait to refinish them so they were top on my list.  love the claw feet designs on them too.  i have them priced seperately up at the shop. :)

ok i have a few more pieces.  i will get a before and after done for my next post and i need to get a couple more pics of the table i refinished and took to the shop. 


have a creative day! :)

Wednesday, October 27


i'm a little blown away.  the shop that i have space in opened monday.  it turned out MUCH better than planned as  i sold several pieces in the couple days it's been open.  now i am scrambling to finish several more furniture pieces as i really don't have room in our home to store finished stuff and don't want to stack it tight like i have the items that need refurbished (hope that made sense, lol).  i'm excited about all the positive feedback from customers and i'm trilled to have even gotten additional requests in my email! yay!

this fave piece of mine sold right away the first day.  i miss it already. lol

my randomly painted chairs sold like hotcakes too!  i have so many creative ideas floating in my head...i better get back to work!


have a creative day!

Thursday, October 21

it's getting cold outside...

didn't think i would be saying that so soon.  add VERY windy to that and it makes for an unproductive day.  boo.  as i mentioned before i am renting space in a store front and it opens MONDAY (Oct. 25th)!  i've lost almost 3 days of work time on my furniture due to the weather.  i should explain, as i paint in a pop up tent just outside my garage and the tent wants to go WITH the wind. lol  also, the paint takes forever to dry when it's cold,  ugh...that's not good.  i did manage to get this little cutie done the other day.  as always, i kinda want to keep the things i create. lol

Word bench1 
Word bench2 

i try to make each furniture piece i refurbish, unique!  i could see this little bench in an entry way with a couple pair of shoes tucked underneath, can't you???

also, i have had some chairs done but was waiting on inspiration to strike as to what else to do to them...

Red chair with bird1 
Red chair with bird2 

Teal hello chair1 

well, i SHOULD get back to work.  i have some things i want to sew also.  hope to share those soon. :)


have a creative day!

Friday, October 8

it's happening...

we are finally moving into a quaint spot in a fun mix of different shops all under one 5400 sq ft space!  the doors will open by halloween so i am working hard to get things finished...or atleast have a nice selection for the grand opening. :)  wish us luck!