Thursday, October 21

it's getting cold outside...

didn't think i would be saying that so soon.  add VERY windy to that and it makes for an unproductive day.  boo.  as i mentioned before i am renting space in a store front and it opens MONDAY (Oct. 25th)!  i've lost almost 3 days of work time on my furniture due to the weather.  i should explain, as i paint in a pop up tent just outside my garage and the tent wants to go WITH the wind. lol  also, the paint takes forever to dry when it's cold,  ugh...that's not good.  i did manage to get this little cutie done the other day.  as always, i kinda want to keep the things i create. lol

Word bench1 
Word bench2 

i try to make each furniture piece i refurbish, unique!  i could see this little bench in an entry way with a couple pair of shoes tucked underneath, can't you???

also, i have had some chairs done but was waiting on inspiration to strike as to what else to do to them...

Red chair with bird1 
Red chair with bird2 

Teal hello chair1 

well, i SHOULD get back to work.  i have some things i want to sew also.  hope to share those soon. :)


have a creative day!


cindy said...

The weather is not good for painting, for sure! Even stuff I'm painting *in* the garage is taking way longer to dry. I still have a few pieces I want to finish before the cold really takes hold, but I don't think it's gonna happen....time to focus on the interior of the house again.

cindy said...

OH, and I love that bench, and the stencils on the chairs are amazing! I hope to get up to the shop next week...prolly not til Thursday though.

Mary Diehl said...

Just bought your cute liitle table "learn from yesterday..........." I'll be back to the Shops on the Square to see what other pieces you come up with.
Very excited to have found you!!