Wednesday, October 27


i'm a little blown away.  the shop that i have space in opened monday.  it turned out MUCH better than planned as  i sold several pieces in the couple days it's been open.  now i am scrambling to finish several more furniture pieces as i really don't have room in our home to store finished stuff and don't want to stack it tight like i have the items that need refurbished (hope that made sense, lol).  i'm excited about all the positive feedback from customers and i'm trilled to have even gotten additional requests in my email! yay!

this fave piece of mine sold right away the first day.  i miss it already. lol

my randomly painted chairs sold like hotcakes too!  i have so many creative ideas floating in my head...i better get back to work!


have a creative day!

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cindy said...

Awesome! I'm hoping to get up there tomorrow with a friend. Can't wait to see your space :)