Saturday, December 8

Holiday is coming...

I know I say this every.single.year. but, I CAN'T BELIEVE HOW FAST CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I'm sure there are still many that are prepping their home for the worries, I still have a mantel to get ready. If you don't follow on facebook then you missed my video showing how to reuse items for your holiday decor. Our small town is holding a "BEST Holiday window" contest and I am hoping for as many votes as possible. I have the ballots in shop and they just need taken right around the corner from me to be turned it. My theme is 'A Recycled Christmas....YOU can do it too!'. Stop by if you are local and take a peek for yourself. My hubby and myself are proud of the recycling that we do and how in turn, we make awesome furniture and decor!
Watch this simple video of what we repurposed for our window display...

Thursday, November 15

Girls Night Out!

We are so fortunate to live in a wonderful smaller town where we can network together and hold events through out the year. Tonight is our "GIRLS NIGHT OUT" event that we have 3 to 4 times a year. If you haven't been to one, you MUST put it on you list of 'to dos'. :) Saturday, November 17th is our FIRST holiday open house. The shop will be sporting it's holiday glam and awaiting those holiday shoppers! Here is a sneak peek of a few things recently brought in...come in to see MORE! :)

Wednesday, October 17

Love meeting people.

I'm a strong believer that you meet people on purpose....for a reason. Now, maybe there have been times when I would refuse to believe that with certain "meetings". Often times, later on I would realize there WAS a reason...just not all what I was originally thinking. Today I met a very genuine lady and she taught me something. I believe I will greatly benefit from our chat. If you are reading this, I thank you again!!! :)

Don't forget, Witches Night Out tomorrow night (Thurday, Oct. 18th) from 5pm - 8pm. Stop in and visit with me and browse the scary discounts I have planned.

We will be bringing in some new things before this event. Watch the website or facebook for updates on that.
Have a creative day,

Friday, October 5

Autumn...came outta nowhere.

It's obvious MUCH time has passed. Things are picking up at our little shop. We are no longer sharing space with another business and this has us making plans to bring in much more furniture. At the moment we are awaiting new flooring before the furniture will start rolling in. Don't get me wrong, our front space is still very much full though. Stop in and visit! Get some girls/guys who like to shop together and dress up in something 'witchy' on October 18th...our downtown businesses are pulling together to offer discounts, prizes and refreshments for those visiting them. :)

Tuesday, July 3

How Fire AFFECTS everything.

It's obvious that not much has been added here to our blog or website. With uncontrolable circumstances, we have been delayed due to a home electrical fire. We are fine but house needs some repair. This has put a hold on refurbishing furniture. As soon as our power is restored (within a few days) we will be back at it, working hard to fill up the shop. Photos will be added here as soon as that happens. Thank you all for being faithful customers and friends.

Thursday, June 7

What a BEAUTIFUL day! Stop in soon as we have many new things in! Fun vibrant colors too. Check out these color combos...makes me want to change up my decor at home. :)

As I've said before, our downtown business community holds events monthly all through the summer into fall. Check out this next event...



Thursday, May 10

Just a peek!

I debated on sharing this photo....mainly because I know some of my loyal customers are looking for particular pieces and I might have aquired a few recently. I now need to get a better schedule to where I can work on pieces more efficently. I don't think I've shared much personal insight on here. I try very hard to keep personal and business seperate but when I am so passionate about creating this furniture/decor, it's hard not to get a little personal. Hubby and I have been in 'talks' about finding a new home that can accomodate our workshop. Currently we work out of our modest ranch home with the attached garage (I'm sure back 'in the day' it held TWO vehicles easily but vehicles today are not as narrow! lol). We are in search of a country home that possibly already has a pole building (workshop) on the property. It's an exhaustingly slow process as we must get our 'ducks in a row'. At the same time it's exciting to think what the future will hold. Recently we seen a home with a couple HUGE outbuildings and I begain to dream of wonderful BARN SALES and organizing our workshop to where we can speed up our productivity. Of course only time will tell. Until then, we are working bit by bit to add items to our shop. It's already the fifth month of the year and I was hoping my shop was in a better state of 'constant available merchandise'. I'm trying not to beat myself up too much but I can't help but stress a little over not having a full shop....daily. Other fun news, I have been scoring fun vintage items to mix in with the refurbished decor pieces....check out some Holly Hobby. Love.

Thursday, May 3

Exciting stuff going on...

I am a proud member of our Downtown Auburn Business Assocation. This group brainstorms and supports each other to make our town stand out! Things are hopping this year with some fresh new shops and extra enthusiasm. We have several events going on among the already sought after yearly happenings. I will share here as they come along for all the locals who want to partake. Tomorrow evening I will be setting up at the NATMUS Museum here in town among many other unique businesses. Looking forward to more networking and gaining new customers (FRIENDS)!
Our town is known for their Vintage Cars with Crusine In's and Auto Auctions (VIEW THE ASSOCIATION'S WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION) that are held yearly we welcome thousands (if not over a million) of out of towners. Looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months!

Few things in shop this week....


Thursday, April 26

Eventful Outcome

Our "Girls Night Out" went GREAT!!! Such fun ladies stopped in and chatted and shopped and even brought back THEIR friends the next day!
Some lucky ladies scored some prize bags and even a chalkboard!
The next event we are participating in is May 4th....
If you are local, please visit us and check out the many unique shops in our town of Auburn. Have a creative day,

Monday, April 9

April already???

I think I blinked and a month flew by. lol Things are going well and we are very steady in shop! Always sending out BIG THANK YOU'S to our customers! This past weekend we brought in three refurbished coffee tables. Adding 100 year old solid wood interior doors to the tops of dated tables that needed a makeover made for some unique tables. Stop in and check them out of you haven't.
If you are local please mark your calendar for this coming April 19th. Several shops around town are hosting a 'GIRLS NIGHT OUT' with a pajama theme. There will be giveaways, discounts, refreshments and just good conversation.
As always, we bring fun 'smalls' into the shop and our OWLS are no exceptions...these cuties come and go QUICKLY! See you soon!

Thursday, March 15

Is it SPRING yet???

It's getting there. The sunshine outside the shop is bringing people in. Love visiting with our regulars and those people passing by with curiosity.
We can't stress enough our passion for doing what we are doing. We (my wonderfully talented hubby and I) love making something new again. PERFECT example of a latest piece...
You wouldn't have known this piece was left for the landfill. My husband is a woodworker and was able to give this dresser new life.
One of the drawers had so much "repair" that it was not worth saving. There were a few busted up spots here and there that my husband was able to remove/repair. But the biggest damage was the left front leg. Most would have never given this piece a second thought....but WE did.
Like all our other refurbs, this too will not be here long. Can't wait to see the smiling face of the new owner. :)

Friday, March 2

waiting on spring...

It's coming, I'm sure...just a little impatient. I can't wait for the Indiana weather to break and give me some sunny days and nice breezes for my furniture refurbishing to get into FULL SWING. Here are a few fun tables and stuff that we recently brought in. There are a few things left.