Thursday, May 3

Exciting stuff going on...

I am a proud member of our Downtown Auburn Business Assocation. This group brainstorms and supports each other to make our town stand out! Things are hopping this year with some fresh new shops and extra enthusiasm. We have several events going on among the already sought after yearly happenings. I will share here as they come along for all the locals who want to partake. Tomorrow evening I will be setting up at the NATMUS Museum here in town among many other unique businesses. Looking forward to more networking and gaining new customers (FRIENDS)!
Our town is known for their Vintage Cars with Crusine In's and Auto Auctions (VIEW THE ASSOCIATION'S WEBSITE FOR MORE INFORMATION) that are held yearly we welcome thousands (if not over a million) of out of towners. Looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming months!

Few things in shop this week....


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