Thursday, May 10

Just a peek!

I debated on sharing this photo....mainly because I know some of my loyal customers are looking for particular pieces and I might have aquired a few recently. I now need to get a better schedule to where I can work on pieces more efficently. I don't think I've shared much personal insight on here. I try very hard to keep personal and business seperate but when I am so passionate about creating this furniture/decor, it's hard not to get a little personal. Hubby and I have been in 'talks' about finding a new home that can accomodate our workshop. Currently we work out of our modest ranch home with the attached garage (I'm sure back 'in the day' it held TWO vehicles easily but vehicles today are not as narrow! lol). We are in search of a country home that possibly already has a pole building (workshop) on the property. It's an exhaustingly slow process as we must get our 'ducks in a row'. At the same time it's exciting to think what the future will hold. Recently we seen a home with a couple HUGE outbuildings and I begain to dream of wonderful BARN SALES and organizing our workshop to where we can speed up our productivity. Of course only time will tell. Until then, we are working bit by bit to add items to our shop. It's already the fifth month of the year and I was hoping my shop was in a better state of 'constant available merchandise'. I'm trying not to beat myself up too much but I can't help but stress a little over not having a full shop....daily. Other fun news, I have been scoring fun vintage items to mix in with the refurbished decor pieces....check out some Holly Hobby. Love.

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