Saturday, December 11

Happy Holidays!

Just a couple weeks until Christmas!  Are you ready???  I'm still searching for a few gifts but other than that...bring it on. :)

I was running behind with my holiday decor this year and decorating.  Similar to last year, our 8ft tree is adorned with black, silver and red.  I'm a fan of regal decor but it's soooo not me so this is my version for 'where I come from'. lol

Family 022.3.5 
(yes, we have been putting off getting the crown molding up for some time now...priorities...i tell ya. lol)

Family 026.3.5 
(few of the ornaments close up.  I enjoy adding to them after each Christmas when they go on sale. :) )

Family 001.3.5 
(this is OUR mantel.  we do not have a fireplace so this mantel piece I aquired at a yard sale has held our stockings)

Family 027.3.5 
(love this skinny tree that someone left out at the curb last year.  It told me to bring it home. ;) )

Family 035.3.5 
(this is what I love...dimmed lights and a tree shining bright.  now, where is my hot chocolate. :) )


Tree Party

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