Friday, June 10

half way through...

the year that is. Time sure is flying by. I've been rather dragging my feet lately as I have so many things that are dragging me in different directions. Throw a cold on top of that and crazy yo-yo weather and there you have life. :) Oh, did that sound like a complaint? Not really, just a muddled excuse. lol

I took a break from gathering fun finds here in my work room at home to update my blog. The treasures I've picked up over the last month or so are finally getting tagged and ready to head to the shop. I'm not the greatest at getting things purchased and RIGHT.TO.SHOP. Partly because I love the items I find and also...I'm a bit of a procrastinator. Yeah, I just said that.

Realizing that I am turning 38 in a couple months I am starting to take notice of things I have not been so prompt to do or get done in my life. Things I use to do often...are MAYBE happening once a year. I want to make a plan to change that. I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to just let things go. Wow, wasn't really planning to share that but its late and I get chatty when its late. lol

Here is a PEEK of things that are going to shop very soon...

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