Wednesday, March 13

'Putting YOUR home together!' Wednesday

Welcome to our FIRST "Putting YOUR home together!"

This week we want you to know that simple projects for each season can add so much to your present decor.

  Here we picked up some easter grass, plastic eggs and these super cute painted metal buckets from the dollar tree. Cost - $5 tops!!!

You can add some unique personalization to them by handwriting, stamping or in this case, stenciling letters or numbers on each bucket. Think of spelling out a last name (if it's shorter of course), first initial of your children or just you and your spouse, ages of each family member, etc.


This is a great addition to any mantel, wall shelf or countertop for the holiday season.  Think about thrifty and versatile too...use these buckets for other purposes later in the year.  How about pencil holder?  Place on a dresser top for a 'catch all'.  Turn them around and write something else on the other side.  Stick them on your front steps with flowers in them.  THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! 
Do you have an idea?  Please share in the comments below.  Much appreciated!


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