Sunday, August 29

hot day!

so the heat came back...even if for only a day or so it's not wanted right now.  really, i have a HUGE list of things that need done and most of them depend on the weather.  hoping to break out some red paint in a day or two.

for now i will share this cutie mirror i snagged from a garage sale for a mere .25 cents!  pulled out the heirloom white paint, some black glaze and topped it off with a couple coats of lacquer.


Eagle mirror1

yes, there is little love here...we have the faux wood (plastic) and it's an eagle...woo.

Eagle mirror2

nothing against eagles...they are very regal birds.  just thrown together with this dated faux wood design leaves little to be desired. but....

Eagle mirror3

i think this breaths new life into this decor piece, don't you? :)

be back VERY soon to share more items i've refinished for my up-coming flea market.  here's a peak for now...

Vintage rec mirror1 
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Maureen @ The Green Suitcase said...

Hmmm....I wasn't sure about this until I saw the finished product! Looks great!