Monday, August 23

*melody cabinet

here is the FINISHED music cabinet i gave you sneak peeks on some time ago.  i still am blaming it on the weather that it took this long. lol

(be prepared with oodles of images)

Melody cabinet1

this cabinet was sitting alongside the road.  it looked rough and had to be handmade.  the legs are definately not suitable to hold this heavy cabinet body.

Melody cabinet2

have to throw in credit as the hubby did all the dirty work of sanding, cleaning and removing/building NEW feet for this cabinet. :)

Melody cabinet3

after a few days of playing in glue, vintage sheet music and glaze we have this...

Melody cabinet4

oh also need to add that hubby hand brushed on a coat of  Minwax Poleyurethane to seal up those yummy vintage music sheets and give it long lasting use!

Melody cabinet5

kept the old hardware as it seemed to go well with the music note 'feel'. :)

Melody cabinet6

it was actually fun placing the sheet music in particular places as to be visuallly pleasing.

Melody cabinet7

Melody cabinet8

even the back got attention! :)

Melody cabinet9

the little music sign i picked up at a garage sale awhile ago...this will go along with the cabinet if wanted! :)

Melody cabinet10

just look at those legs!  hubby designed them and attached them the proper way with screws and wood glue so the are NOT coming off! :)

Melody cabinet11

some of the sheet music dates back to 1910.  i know there is a music lover out there that really could appreciate this!  do you know one?
 {for sale}



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