Thursday, August 26

nursery 2pc

finally seeing things to the end!  lovin' this fall-ish type weather.  makes me very productive. :)

Nursery 2pc1 copy 

here are a couple wooden pieces I picked up at different yard sales recently and felt with the right finish they would work well together.  I could see this in a childs bedroom/playroom easily.  the paint color is a "oops" paint from home depot in somewhat of a robin egg blue.  i stenciled on some numbers in another "oops" paint grey.

Nursery 2pc2 copy

Nursery 2pc3 copy
can't you just see little collections of childrens books adorning this shelf? :)

Nursery 2pc4 copy
I love distressing furniture and making it unique. :)
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cindy said...

Oooo I love that aqua, and mistint oops paints are my favorite shade :) Such cuteness.
So glad you could Mi4M!