Sunday, September 5

flea market day one.

   was a great success!  loved the spot we were given, great people came through...always love chatting with friendly people! :)  i was barely able to grab a few shots of our booth before the doors opened.  things aren't quite in their places at this moment but you can see the basics of what we had to work with.  so wish we could have used the wall for items but there is a "no nail attachement" rule in this building. boo.  at any rate, by the close of the first day we had to randomly place things so it didn't look so bare.  a little frustrating for the decorator in me but a huge plus for the profit/accomplishment part. :)

fond a few things to add in for tomorrow.  hope it's another great day and turn out! Fleamarketdayone1





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janet dlugokenski said...

Good luck! Glad it went well!!