Tuesday, September 7

flea market day two

it wasn't the busiest of days but i was pleased with the final outcome.  would have liked to have moved a couple more larger pieces but they will sell in due time.  had many, many comments on my checker table but no sales...yet! :)


that is fine as i do have a few more design ideas to add to it. :)

many people commented on this chair and looked it over but it didn't find a new home either.  i understand that it's unqiue design would make it a little more of a selective piece so i am hoping that right customer comes along.

gearing up for another market come November.  in the mean time i have photo shoots, a baby shower and halloween costumes to get all figured out and dealt with. :)

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cindy said...

Hi Amy! I was going thru my new followers and am so excited to find another local junkin' Hoosier :) I'm in Fort Wayne. Would love to see your stuff at the market....I'm marking my calendar for the one in November. Will it be in Auburn?
Great to *meet* you.