Friday, September 17

a little thrift shopping

while i procrastinate on my bigger projects i will share some great finds i ran across this evening while shopping my local thrift shop.

Thrifty find1

for just over $10 i scored this!

Thrifty find2

SIX new handles, sure they were of the rustic brass variety but that can easily be changed with a little Rust oleum paint.  they were $2.55 for them all. score! :)

Thrifty find3

this cream colored urn type piece is from Home Interiors and was $2.55 also!  there are a few minor blemishes but nothing a little Rust Oleum can't fix. :)  i didn't get a close up of the blue-ish piece there in the background but it's a fun piece too that i can't wait to paint.

Thrifty find4

these two pedestal type lidded dishes are unique.  i can't quite tell if they are just handmade but i am going to re-secure them together (as the pieces are lose and coming apart...if you can see there is clear tape on them) and give them some color.  at a buck and a half...i couldn't pass them up!

Thrifty find5

this tray...i had to pick up because i have a tissue type box that pretty much matches this.  they actually had two of them but i just picked up one.  i want to sell this as a set with my tissue box.  i'm not sure what is going on with the bottom paper, it's got a dripped ink look and i'm going to guess that someone put that in more recently then when it was purchased. 

thanks for sharing in my excitement, i will share the "afters" soon.

have a creative day!

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cindy said...

Tooo funny. I know where you were because I just about put that tray in my cart last week, then decided to let it lie since my cart was overflowing! So my fingerprints are on it :)