Tuesday, January 18

do you like 'Unique'?

when i refurbish a piece my creative thougths are to make it different....UNIQUE! i often get mixed opinions when i do this and i know that will always happen. to date; i've never had a piece that hasn't sold quickly so i MUST be catering to someone. :)

this piece just went into shop last night. i picked it up at an estate sale where it sat with layers of crud, no mirror and missing mirror hardware.

hubby took it apart, sanded to the bare wood, he built some custom hardware for the "mirror" piece, i painted, distressed and made the mirror part into a corkboard as the replacement of the mirror was going to be a bit of a cost. i think it would be a great desk! :)

(off to look for the before photos, wish me luck. lol)

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