Tuesday, January 4

if you hope long enough...

i will keep this simple and to the point as i have lots of work to get done around here. lol

my simple story...our family has been searching for an english bulldog for several months since one of our beloved pets passed on last spring. we knew we couldn't go all out and buy directly from a breeder (financial reasons) so we listed our plea online, watched pet sites and all the while searched the internet and learned all about them. there were a few times a couple months ago that we came close to aquiring one that fit our budget but then they fell through. i kept hoping and talking about bullies as if i had one. lol finally i was contacted by a super nice girl who was searching for a home for her young bully. the hoping and praying worked because we now have an english bully in our home. i can't tell you how thankful i am that this girl chose us. i'm sure i will bug her with updates, photos and questions as he gets use to us and our home. so far he is just so happy.go.lucky and we are so thankful for that too. we are now working on softening up our chocolate lab, Chopper. trying NOT to make him feel jealous but teach him that this bully isn't a threa...but a playmate.

i'm sure i will share more photos and updates mixed in with my shop updates and family life in general. so far....this new year ROCKS! :)

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